Some crochet books can be neatly categorized; there are books that consist entirely of baby patterns or blanket patterns or sweaters or shawls.

Then there are collections that are more challenging to categorize, because they include a little of this and a little of that. This page is dedicated to showing you some great pattern collections that defy easy categorization because they consist of random projects.

Seamless Crochet — This crochet book by Kristin Omdahl does have a cohesive theme: it’s all about crochet motif patterns that you can join-as-you-go instead of sewing all the motifs together at the end of the project. The collection consists of lots of different types of projects including blankets, accessories, a baby hat, a man’s hat and more. Additionally, the book includes a library of charted motif patterns for easy reference, and it also comes packaged with an instructional DVD.

Simply Crochet — This is a fantastic crochet pattern collection by Robyn Chachula that includes some out-of-the-ordinary items: for example, a child’s puppet, a felted basket and a vintage-style flapper hat. It also has a mix of more typical crochet projects like scarves, clothes and baby projects.

Crochet It. Love It. Wear It! — This pattern collection focuses entirely on ladies’ wearables. You get two dress patterns, two skirt patterns, a scarf pattern and multiple sweater patterns.