Want to crochet some new wardrobe pieces for yourself, a loved one or a close friend? Whether you want to make a new sweater, a shawl, some jewelry, a new hat, a scarf or some other sort of wearable project, this page will give you our suggestions for the best womenswear crochet pattern books. These books all offer you spectacular collections of appealing womenswear patterns that are stylish, wearable and beautiful. No matter what your “fashion personality” is like, these books offer you options that will work well into your own wardrobe.

Crochet Red

By Laura Zander, Published by Sixth&Spring Books

Crochet Red Pattern Book by Laura Zander
Crochet Red Pattern Book by Laura Zander

So far, Crochet Red is my all-time favorite collection of womenswear crochet patterns. The collection includes patterns by numerous creative designers; the contributor list reads like the latest “who’s who” list of knit and crochet pattern designers.

The Crochet Closet

By Lisa Gentry, Published by Leisure Arts

The The Crochet Closet isn’t a brand new crochet book, but so far the styles featured in the book have stood the test of time. They are classic sweater designs that still look fantastic, even though several years have passed since this book was originally published. The book features everyday sweater, coat and cardigan patterns that you’d want to wear to work or out with friends. They’re versatile and practical designs that could go practically anywhere. I want to make just about every sweater in this book!

Crocheted Tanks and Tunics

By Sandi Rosner, Published by Stackpole Books

The focus of this book is entirely on women’s crocheted tank tops and tunics that work well for all seasons. In spring and summer, you can pair these cute tops with shorts, skirts or pants for a breezy look. In fall and winter, you can easily layer them under jackets, cardigans, sweaters or hoodies for a warmer experience.

In a sea of mediocre crochet pattern books, this one stands out for having AMAZING designs that are truly wearable, flattering and visually interesting. If you like to crochet womenswear, this is a book you are going to LOVE.

Vintage Modern Crochet

By Robyn Chachula, Published by Interweave

This is a fantastic collection of crochet lace patterns that are all created using historic crochet techniques such as double-ended crochet, Tunisian crochet, hairpin crochet and broomstick crochet lace.

Continuous Crochet

By Kristin Omdahl, Published by Interweave

If you want to crochet artistic clothing and accessories without having to weave in excessive numbers of loose ends, Continuous Crochet is a book you should consider adding to your library. It includes crochet patterns for ladies’ sweaters, hats, shawls and more.

Poetic Crochet: 20 Shawls Inspired by Classic Poems

By Sara Kay Hartmann, Published by Interweave

The shawls in this book are lovely. They drape gracefully, and the lace patterns are beautiful to look at. If you want to crochet a ladies’ shawl, you’re sure to find a pattern you’ll enjoy in Poetic Crochet.

So now you’re updated on our picks for the best crochet womenswear pattern books. Whether you want to crochet jewelry, shawls, wraps, sweaters, scarves or other types of projects for ladies, you’re sure to find suitable project ideas and patterns in this list of excellent books.

This page was last updated on 5/14/2018.

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