If you stick to looking only at the newest, trendiest crochet books, you’ll miss out on seeing some real treasures. The following list will give you a look at some of my favorite out of print books on crochet:

1. Fair Isle to Crochet: 5 Afghans for the Family.

Fair Isle to Crochet Book by Karen Rhatto-Whooley, Published by Leisure Arts; This is one of the best crochet blanket pattern books available.
Fair Isle to Crochet Book by Karen Rhatto-Whooley, Published by Leisure Arts

If you’re interested in crocheting multicolored blankets that have interesting geometric and pictorial patterns requiring color changes in the middle of the rows, you’re going to want to get your hands on a copy of this book. The book includes five spectacular patterns: 2 baby blanket patterns, 2 patterns suitable for kids and one pattern designed for adults. The adult-sized pattern also happens to be guy friendly, so you can use the finished afghan for decorating a bachelor pad or gifting to a guy you know / love. Whether you craft for your own family or for charity, this is a fantastic pattern collection to have in your stash.

2. Lovely Decor in Filet Crochet

Lovely Decor in Filet Crochet book, published by Leisure Arts
Lovely Decor in Filet Crochet Book, published by Leisure Arts

By Susan Lowman, published by Leisure Arts

This book is out of print in its original paperback, but it is still available in digital format from both the publisher and from Amazon. This book is definitely worth owning in whatever format you can find it; it includes really amazing filet crochet charts and instructions. If you want to learn how to do filet crochet, this book includes the clearest instructions I’ve yet found on the topic of how to read a filet crochet chart. If you want to find some outstanding filet crochet charts to work on, this is a book you’ll definitely want to consider.

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3. Antonie Ehrlich’s Crochet Bedspread Book No 2

The Antonie Ehrlich Book Includes Bunches of Gorgeous Vintage Crochet and Knitting Bedspread Patterns.
The Antonie Ehrlich Book Includes Bunches of Gorgeous Vintage Crochet and Knitting Bedspread Patterns.

This vintage pattern book is filled with amazing patterns — but it is not a good choice for beginning crocheters, impatient crocheters or people who are in a hurry to get started on their next projects. This is because it is likely to take you some time to track down a copy of the book. There are copies available and circulating out there, but sometimes you have to look around a bit to find them.

This book includes both crocheted and knitted bedspread patterns. There are some filet crochet bedspread patterns, and some patterns worked in other techniques. These patterns will require either crochet thread or comparable fine yarns. Be prepared for the possibility that trial and error may be necessary to find an appropriate thread or yarn to use in any of the projects you attempt to make from this book.

I deeply regret having sold my copy of this book. At the time, I was working more than full time and knew I couldn’t commit to any of the time consuming projects found in the book, so I decided to make it available for someone else who could make better use of it than I was able to at the time. However, the patterns in the book are truly exquisite. I’m convinced that the results would be worth the time investment for a crafter who has the winning combination of advanced crochet skills, time to invest, and the patience and perseverance to see a project through to completion.

So there you have it: Those are a few of the out of print books on crochet that I’m familiar with. I hope this information is helpful to you as you peruse the out of print offerings at Amazon, thrift stores and yard sales.

If you’re specifically looking for vintage and antique crochet books, you might also wish to visit my antique crochet website. I make many more photos and pattern descriptions available at that site.

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