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Crochet Wraps Every Which Way: 18 Original Patterns in 6 Techniques
Crochet Wraps Every Which Way: 18 Original Patterns in 6 Techniques

This is a book review of Crochet Wraps Every Which Way:

Author: Tammy Hildebrand

Publisher: Stackpole Books

Copyright Date: 2014

ISBN: 9780811711838

Cover Price: $19.99 US dollars

Skill Level: Beginner through advanced

The Focus of This Book:

This book has two main themes. The primary theme: it’s a crochet pattern book featuring nothing but shawl patterns. The secondary theme: the book introduces an interesting mix of crochet techniques. You’ll have the opportunity to explore each technique with the goal of using it to crochet the shawl designs featured in the book.

The featured techniques are as follows:

Things I Love About This Book:

  • Timeless style: no need to worry that your shawls will be outdated before you’ve even finished crocheting them. These wraps are totally classic.
  • Just the right shawl pattern mix. Dressy shawls, check. Casual wraps, check. Designs that could be dressed up or down: check, check, check.
  • Appealing silhouettes: These designs range from “that’s nice” to “stunning!”
  • Crochet techniques that are popular right now yet also timeless.
  • Interesting new twists on classic crochet techniques — Even if you’ve already tried every crochet technique in existence, you might find some inspiring new insights in this book.
  • Honest photography: See how these designs look in full color on a real human being.
  • This book could potentially be interesting to all crocheters, as there are designs offered for crocheters of every skill level. It is likely to be most appealing to female crocheters in the intermediate to advanced range. Beginning crocheters are not left out, and will find plenty to interest them in this book.
  • Things I Didn’t Love About This Book:

  • Blurry photos — more than half a dozen of them. Not a deal breaker; more of a minor annoyance.
  • No schematics and no symbol crochet charts.
  • Suggested yarns are specified (a plus!), but the yarn weights aren’t mentioned (a minus). If you want to make substitutions, you’ll have to hunt around for information about the weight for the suggested yarn — which is a time waster, but it is doable.
  • Conclusion:

    Overall, thumbs up to this book. I recommend Crochet Wraps Every Which Way to you if you have an interest in wearing shawls, making prayer shawls as gifts or charity crochet projects, or learning new crochet techniques.
    This book’s suggested retail price is $19.99 US, an asking price that I believe is more than fair. You pay only a dollar and change for each pattern in the book, plus you get some outstanding tutorials on top of that, which to my way of thinking means the book is an excellent value for the money you’d have to spend on it.

    Where to Buy This Book:

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