101 Stitches for Afghans by Jean Leinhauser, published by Annie's Crochet
101 Stitches for Afghans by Jean Leinhauser, published by Annie’s Crochet

Are you interested in designing your own crocheted afghans, blankets, throws, lapghans, scrapghans and other projects? Could you find a use for a collection of crochet stitch instructions that are all ideally suited for crocheting afghans — stitches that were designed and curated by the late Jean Leinhauser, who was the first contemporary crocheter to be inducted into the Crochet Hall of Fame? If so, you should definitely check out 101 Stitches for Afghans. There are several different ways to get your hands on this stitch collection:

What You Need to Know About This Crochet Stitch Dictionary:

500+ Crochet Stitches With CD -- This CD-rom bundle includes Jean Leinhauser's book called 101 Stitches for Afghans, plus 6 other stitch dictionaries, plus a paperback guide to crochet for beginners.
500+ Crochet Stitches With CD — This CD-rom bundle includes Jean Leinhauser’s book called 101 Stitches for Afghans, plus 6 other stitch dictionaries, plus a paperback guide to crochet for beginners.

Author: Jean Leinhauser

Publisher: Annie’s Crochet

Number of Pages: 112

Skill Level: The stitches in this book are all rated as being easy ones. This book is ideal for beginners to crochet.

The Focus of This Book:

This book is all about giving you 101 different crochet stitches you can use for crocheting your own customized blankets, afghans, bedspreads and throws.

As you’re no doubt aware, it can be tricky to find just the right crochet stitch for making a new afghan. Some stitches are too open, some are too weird, and some aren’t as durable as you might want them to be. But this book gives you 101 options for stitches that would ALL be perfect for crocheting afghans.

These stitches were all curated by the late Jean Leinhauser, who is known for having been one of needlework publishing’s great matriarchs. She was a prolific author, and she has contributed copious amounts of energy to enriching our crochet artform. She was incredibly knowledgeable about crochet, and about what crocheters want most – and this book epitomizes that expertise, in one handy, user-friendly volume.

The Best Things About This Book

If you’re looking for easy crochet stitches to try, this book will give you a satisfying number of options including lace stitches, post stitches, clusters, crochet shells, chevrons, popcorns and more.

The stitches presented in this book are all usable ones — no losers.

This book includes international symbol crochet charts PLUS written-out crochet stitch instructions.

Other Observations About This Book

I’m a huge fan of Jean Leinhauser’s work. I own multiple books that she has either authored or co-authored, and I find all of them valuable. Having said that, I think some of them are better than others. Her work, in my opinion, is hit or miss; some of her patterns are jaw-dropping-amazing, and some of them are on the mediocre side.

My opinion: This book is one of Jean’s finest and most useful publications that I’ve seen. The stitches presented in the book are well-balanced, attractive and varied. They’re ones you’ll want to return to countless times.

The photographs in this book are all helpful and usable, but they are on the small side.

Things to Be Aware of Before You Buy This Book

This is not a crochet project book; you won’t find instructions for making any finished projects in the book. Instead, it’s formatted like a stitch dictionary – which means that you will be able to use the stitches to make just about any type of custom crochet project you might want. While these stitches are ideal for making blankets and afghans, they have zillions of other possible uses – pillows, tote bags, scarves, hats, fingerless gloves, shawls, sweaters, placemats, curtains and many others.


This book is a winner! I’m delighted to recommend it to other crochet enthusiasts, particularly to those who are interested in designing their own projects (blankets and otherwise).

Where to Buy This Book:

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