Want to crochet a scarf? If so, you’re in good company. Scarves are some of the most popular crochet patterns ever. If you’re interested in finding a new scarf pattern to get started working on, we invite you to check out our list of the best crochet scarf pattern books we know of. You’re sure to find bunches of fantastic scarf patterns among these choices.

Noggins and Necks

Classic Crochet Hat and Scarf Patterns for Ladies: Noggins and Necks
Classic Crochet Hat and Scarf Patterns for Ladies: Noggins and Necks

Noggins and Necks features classic, wearable crochet patterns for matching aran crochet scarf and hat sets. Check out our book review of this title for more details.

Crochet Cowls: 15 Bold and Beautiful Designs

If you’re looking for trendy infinity scarf patterns, neck warmers or cowl patterns, Crochet Cowls is definitely a book you’re going to want to take a look at. Check out our book review for more details.

Continuous Crochet

Continuous Crochet is a book that includes 6 patterns for scarves and cowls in addition to bunches of other patterns for wearables including sweaters, shawls, hats and more. This book is focused on giving you patterns that don’t require much effort in finishing.

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