Do you LOVE making lacy, feminine garments such as shawls, wraps, cardigans and skirts? Would you enjoy finding a new and up-to-date collection of wearable crochet lace patterns featuring one of crochet’s all-time best-beloved and most enduring classic lace crochet stitch patterns – the pineapple?

Perhaps you’ve already tried making pineapple crochet lace projects such as tablecloths, doilies, bedspreads, placemats, table runners or other linens. If you did – perhaps you enjoyed the experience, but maybe you found it a bit frustrating (because those vintage patterns can be vague and confusing. The instructions aren’t always the clearest, and they rarely include symbol crochet charts for you to work from).

Or, perhaps you love the look of vintage pineapple crochet motifs – but up until now, you’ve been hesitant to actually crochet a pineapple project because they look so complicated.

If any of these scenarios describes your situation, there’s a brand new book I think you’ll be really excited to find out about. It’s called Pineapple Passion. Karen Whooley is the author.

Pineapple Passion is a book to get excited about because it solves so many of the problems that contemporary crafters face when deciding whether they want to work patterns featuring the classic crochet pineapple motif. If you would be interested in finding streamlined contemporary pineapple patterns that look as beautiful as their vintage counterparts, without being quite as fussy or complex, and WITHOUT forcing you to puzzle through mysteriously vague vintage instructions that assume you know more than you really do, you’ll definitely want to check out the projects in Pineapple Passion.I hope you’ll take a look at them to see if they’re ones you’d want to make. Because if they suit your personal style, you definitely just hit the jackpot.

What Else You Need to Know About This Crochet Pattern Book:

Pineapple Passion, a crochet pattern book by Karen Whooley
Pineapple Passion, a crochet pattern book by Karen Whooley

Technical Editor: Lindsey Stephens

Publisher: Occhi Blu Press

Copyright Date: 2019

ISBN: 978-0-972332-7-7

e-book ISBN: 978-0-9723232-8-4

Book Formats:

This book is available in the following format(s):

  • Paperback
  • Digital download: Kindle e-book edition
  • Digital download: PDF e-book

Please note that I am reviewing the PDF edition of the book, so I am unable to comment on details like the paper quality and binding quality.

Number of Pages: 44

The 5 Pineapple Lace Crochet Projects Included in This Book:

Pineapple Chemise Crochet Pattern

Pineapple Chemise Crochet Pattern by Karen Whooley. Photographed by Anne Podlesak.
Pineapple Chemise Crochet Pattern by Karen Whooley. Photographed by Anne Podlesak.

This is a seamless crochet sweater available in the following size range: up to 38 [46, 52]” .

Pineapple Dreams Crochet Shawl / Wrap Pattern

The Pineapple Dreams Crochet Shawl Pattern by Karen Whooley. Photographed by Anne Podlesak.
The Pineapple Dreams Crochet Shawl Pattern by Karen Whooley. Photographed by Anne Podlesak.

This drape on this dainty shawl is simply stunning. This is an ultra pretty design you’d want to have on hand for wearing to parties or weddings.

Pineapple Elegance Crochet Skirt Pattern

The Pineapple Elegance crochet skirt pattern by Karen Whooley, from the Book Pineapple Passion. Photographed by Anne Podlesak.
The Pineapple Elegance crochet skirt pattern by Karen Whooley, from the Book Pineapple Passion. Photographed by Anne Podlesak.

This skirt is remarkable for a number of reasons – but the one thing I think is most noteworthy about it: It’s designed with hip shaping – which is fantastic if you are not a stick figure, but an actual human being, with actual hips.

Have you ever crocheted a skirt that was designed like a tube? And then when you went to wear the skirt, you had the back of the skirt ride up further than the front in a way that was weird, uncomfortable and sort of a little bit embarrassing? That’s a problem that you are unlikely to encounter with this particular crochet skirt pattern – because the smart and ultra-experienced pattern designer, Karen, incorporated hip shaping into the design – and she took into account that her customers for this pattern would be real women, with real female figures. Imagine that!

If you take a careful look at the project photo, you can see the spots where the skirt is designed to flow and drape over the hips for a really nice fit. OK, it’s a little more work to crochet a design that has shaping in it than one that doesn’t, but the extra work typically results in a garment that’s a lot more wearable – which is what you have here.

Pineapple Cardi Crochet Pattern

Pineapple Cardi crochet pattern by Karen Whooley, from the book Pineapple Passion. Photographed by Anne Podlesak.
Pineapple Cardi crochet pattern by Karen Whooley, from the book Pineapple Passion. Photographed by Anne Podlesak.

This is the ultimate classic layering piece. If you make this sweater for yourself, you’re likely to get a lot of use out of it. It’s the perfect sweater for pairing with a broad range of different styles, from business attire to sundresses to khakis and jeans. The bust sizes for this cardigan range from 36-52”.

Pineapple Express Crochet Wrap / Shawl Pattern

The Pineapple Express Shawl / Wrap by Karen Whooley, from the Book Pineapple Passion. Photographed by Anne Podlesak.
The Pineapple Express Shawl / Wrap by Karen Whooley, from the Book Pineapple Passion. Photographed by Anne Podlesak.

The Pineapple Express wrap looks to me like it would make a lovely prayer shawl or comfort shawl – and of course, it’s also suitable for wearing as an evening wrap.

The Best Things About This Book

These projects are not only beautiful, they are also practical and versatile. That cardigan sweater – can’t you see wearing it just about everywhere? I can!

I’m thinking both of those wrap patterns are totally gift worthy.

The book includes symbol crochet charts PLUS written-out text instructions, plus multiple full-color photos of each project, plus helpful schematics. So, whichever way you like to consume your crochet instructions, you’re covered. The patterns each include a special stitches section that will introduce you to any new stitches you’ll need to know but might not be familiar with already.

An indie designer is the author and publisher of this book — not a faceless corporation and its shareholders. Buying this book supports a “real person” and the team behind her (her tech editor, model and other support staff are also “real people” too).

Speaking of tech editors – that’s another important selling point for this book. Pattern testers have worked on all these patterns, and they were also tech edited. This team has made a solid effort to produce an error free, top-notch product for you. So, the odds are exceptionally good that you will be able to sit down with this book and use its contents to successfully reproduce some lovely pineapple projects for yourself.

If you do happen to run into questions or problems as you crochet any of these patterns, the author, Karen, has committed to providing you with pattern support. That gives you another excellent reason to choose this book over any of the numerous vintage pineapple pattern books you might consider buying.

Things to Be Aware of Before You Buy This Book

There’s only one thing that I observed about this book that I think will be disappointing to some crocheters: that exceptionally small, thin ladies might not be able to make the smallest sizes of the garments work for them.

However, on the bright side, plus-sized ladies are not neglected here. The two sweater patterns are sized for up to XXXL, and the skirt is sized for up to XXL. So, a broad range of sizes is represented.

The suggested yarn for the majority of these patterns is lace weight – but if you’d be interested in making any of these designs with heavier yarns, or customizing the design in other ways, you’ll find helpful hints and suggestions for how to approach it included in this book.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a digital edition of Pineapple Passion, be aware that some of the charts are presented vertically in the book. This is not a big deal if you’re planning to access the patterns from a phone or tablet, which you can tilt any which way while you are working from it.

If you’re planning to view the book on a laptop or desktop computer, you’ll most likely want to figure out how to temporarily rotate the e-book while you are viewing those charts. In some versions of Windows and some versions of Acrobat reader, you might be able to accomplish this by navigating to the page you want to rotate, going to the “View” menu, clicking on “Rotate View” and then choosing the direction you want to rotate (“Clockwise” or “Counterclockwise”). But if you suspect you will have problems figuring that out, and you prefer to work from the charts rather than the written instructions, you might wish to consider purchasing a paperback edition of the book rather than a digital edition.


I’m delighted to recommend this book to other crochet enthusiasts. I think it’s a lovely book — and if you are interested in crocheting wearable lace patterns featuring pineapple motifs, this is exactly the book you’d want to add to your library.

Where to Buy This Book:

Want more info about the author of this book and her thoughts on creating it — including information about how she got interested in crocheting pineapples, and the tips she’d give to beginners for crocheting lace? If so, I invite you to check out this brand new interview with Karen Whooley.

Similar Crochet Books and Related Resources

If you want to crochet wearable, contemporary pineapple lace patterns for ladies, Pineapple Passion would be at the top of my suggestion list. Definitely consider this book if the sizes and styles presented work for you. But, if you want to see a few suggestions for possible alternatives, here are the likeliest possibilities I’m aware of:

Vintage Modern CrochetVintage Modern Crochet is the only other up-to-date crochet book I’m aware of that gives you a selection of multiple wearable, contemporary pineapple crochet lace patterns for ladies. There are, however, other sorts of patterns presented in the book besides just the pineapples – inclusing Irish crochet patterns, Bruges crochet lace patterns, Tunisian crochet patterns and filet crochet patterns.

The pineapple patterns include an infinity scarf, a hat, a wrap and one cardigan (sizes ranging from 38 3/4″ to 67 1/2″.) This book also includes symbol crochet charts and written-out text instructions – plus some charts and schematics where they’re warranted.

My opinion: Why choose between these excellent titles? Consider buying both books if your pattern budget permits!

Delicate Crochet is a collection of exceptionally gorgeous crochet patterns for making shawls, wraps, tops, sweaters, accessories and a skirt. Many of these designs are exquisitely lacy. They’re all delicate, feminine and wearable.

Imagical Seasons Spring If you ever want to crochet lace projects suitable for girls ranging from 2-12 years old, Alla Koval’s Imagical Seasons series of books is an excellent choice for finding suitable patterns. I’ve reviewed both her spring and summer editions, and both of them are absolutely gorgeous!

Imagical Seasons Summer

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