About Your Hostess Here at Crochet-Books.com: — I’ve been an avid crochet and craft book collector for as long as I can remember — but I really ramped up my book purchases when I discovered eBay in 1998. It was at that time that I discovered, and became enthralled with, vintage crochet and needlework pattern books.

I quickly discovered that it was most cost effective to buy large box lots of interesting craft books, but that meant I ended up with many duplicates in my collection. So from there I also began re-selling the duplicates, as well as the books that didn’t have any patterns I wanted to make. Those experiences alone provided me with a vast library of crochet books to write about and share with you here on this website.

More recently, I became a freelance writer. I’ve made a habit of including crochet book reviews in my body of work as a professional writer. In that capacity, I have amassed an even larger collection of interesting pattern books and stitch dictionaries.

As an experienced crocheter who is adept at teaching beginners to crochet, I’m well-equipped to offer you insights into which crochet books would be the best ones to meet your needs — no matter what your skill level or favorite techniques are. I’m knowledgeable about a wide variety of different pattern books, technique books, stitch dictionaries, pattern leaflets and needlework magazines. My personal pattern collection has included patterns that date back as far as the 1860s, and I’ve owned and cherished a wide variety of publications from every era since.

Thanks so much for dropping by. I really appreciate your interest.

About This Website: — I first launched this website on 11/18/2014, although the site didn’t really get started until 5/22/2015 when I began adding book reviews, blog posts, and pictures. I hope you’ll enjoy the site, and visit often for the latest crochet pattern news.