9 Narrow Lacy Neck Scarf Patterns in Crochet

Laura recently emailed me the following:


I am brand new to crochet, and I would like to try as my first project a lacy or fine narrow neck scarf measuring no more than 6 inches wide. Do you know of any pattern like that?



Hi Laura! Thanks for getting in touch. I’m thrilled you’re learning how to crochet. That’s wonderful!

If you have zero previous experience with needle arts, a fine-gauge project is likely to be a little challenging and possibly frustrating as a first project — but if you’re patient and determined, there’s no reason not to give it a try. If you decide to proceed, I recommend having an experienced crocheter help you get the project started. I make this recommendation because it can be a challenge for a beginner to hold onto the first couple rows of a fine gauge crochet project.

Lacy scarves can be made in just about any yarn weight; you might find it more enjoyable to work with a medium weight yarn for your first project — then proceed to finer gauge projects from there.

9 Narrow Lacy Neck Scarf Patterns in Crochet:

Here are several outstanding crochet patterns for lacy scarves that sound like the type you mentioned wanting to crochet:

1. Amour Sequin Lace Scarf — This is a dressy 6 inch scarf designed by Kristin Omdahl. It’s published in the book Crochet So Fine.

2. Skinny Flower Scarf — This 2 inch scarf is also from Crochet So Fine by Kristin Omdahl.

3. Honeycomb Neck Warmer — This is a third scarf from Crochet So Fine by Kristin Omdahl that fits your criteria. This is a particularly lovely choice. Overall, this book seems like it would be a fantastic buy for you, as it would give you 3 different options for different scarves of the type you like to wear.

4. Iced Ascot — This is a fantastic one-skein pattern by Rebecca Velasquez from the book Simply Crochet by Robyn Chachula. This one’s about 5.5 inches wide.

5. Billows of Baubles Scarf — This is a fascinating scarf measuring about 5 inches wide. This is another great design from the book Simply Crochet, so if you buy that book it gives you two possible options for scarves you might enjoy making and wearing.

6. Alpine Frost Scarf — This is a gloriously feminine featherweight whisper of a scarf designed by Amy O’Neill Houck. While it’s wider than you specified at 9 inches, it’s really drapey, and you could easily fold it in half to get it down to a narrower width before you tie it around your neck. The crochet pattern for this scarf is included in the book Best of Interweave Crochet. If you just want the scarf pattern without the rest of the book, it is also available for sale as a digital download from the Interweave Store. Click here to download the standalone scarf pattern at the Interweave Store.

Alpine Frost Crochet Lace Neck Scarf Pattern
Alpine Frost Crochet Lace Neck Scarf Pattern

7.Radiance Sparkly Skinny Scarf — This is a really narrow crochet scarf measuring only 2 inches wide. It’s crocheted using the join-as-you-go technique, which means you won’t have to weave in bunches of loose ends, even though the project is made using multiple crochet motifs. This pattern is included in the book Seamless Crochet by Kristin Omdahl.

8. Keyhole Scarf — This is a lacy ruffled scarf measuring 4 inches wide. This design has a couple of advantages: there’s no puzzling over how to best tie it, and it’s not coming off your neck until you take it off. “The Crochet Dude”, Drew Emborsky, designed this scarf pattern. It’s included in the book Crochet It. Love It. Wear It! published by Leisure Arts.

9. Easy Crochet Lace Scarf in Thread Crochet — You’ll work this lacy scarf in size 3 crochet thread; this thread is fatter size than the standard size 10 thread — making this project easier than you’d think. This is a free crochet pattern designed by Amy Solovay. You can also click here to see a wide variety of scarf patterns, many of which are beginner friendly.

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Thanks for your interest, Laura, and best wishes with crocheting your new scarf (or scarves, as the case may be.)