Which crochet techniques would you like to attempt? And what sorts of crochet patterns would you be interested in working from? However you answered those questions, it’s a good bet that crochet books could assist you with achieving those goals.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure exactly what kind of project or technique you want to get started with next. Crochet books can be helpful even if you don’t have any clear aspirations for which patterns, skills or projects you’re ready to learn about. If you get your hands on an outstanding crochet book, it can probably provide you with the motivation you’d need for wanting to start a new project, or learn a new technique. Crochet books can often give you insights you’d never have dreamed of on your own.

As you can probably tell, we’re pretty enthusiastic about crochet books. We’ve been busy putting together lists to help you make sense of the best crochet pattern books for crocheting just about any type of project. Here are the lists we’ve compiled so far:

Best Crochet Books for Beginners

Best Crochet Motif Pattern Books

Best Crochet Blanket Pattern Books

Best Beadwork Books

Best Filet Crochet Books